14 Tips to Make a Man Addicted To You

Want to understand the way to make a person hooked in to you? You’ll either keep wishing or take concrete steps to possess a person craving you alone. But that doesn’t mean that the person should be hooked in to you.

Unless you’re a weirdo, there’s no way you’d want your man to follow you everywhere. What we are suggesting is that the proper of addiction that creates the person keep loving you. That’s to mention the person has made you a priority or first in his life.

Some women mistakenly think that giving a person sex daily can make him hooked in to them. If anything, “sex” means various things to different men.

Yes, he has sexual needs, but he’s also an emotional being with feelings. Stay in tune together with his emotions and feelings, and you’d have any man at your beck and call.

In this write-up, we’ve suggested several strategies to urge you started. amorously Learnings, you’ll get your man hooked in to you without altering an excessive amount of of yourself. Let’s get going.



When you meet a person for the primary time, it doesn’t help to get everything on the table. Telling her everything about you’ll only make him haven’t any reason to stay chasing you.

In a Psychology Today article, Scott Barry Kaufman says men get interested in women who appear mysterious. He wants you to be a riddle to which he can find an answer. Or, like puzzle pieces, which are difficult to place together.

Better still, you would like to stay a maze through which he must work. Release a touch little bit of yourself whenever to take care of his interest in you. It’s always good when there’s tons he doesn’t realize you.

Keep much of the knowledge about you locked away for future dates. If you tell him everything on your first meeting, what is going to you mention subsequent time you’re together? Sharing everything from the day you were born in one sitting, he’s getting to lose interest in you. If you’re divorced or widowed, save that for an additional day.

The strategy applies to face-to-face communication also as emails, phone calls, and text messages.


What is your attitude towards life? Does one always expect the simplest, or are you continue to focus on the negative? When in your man’s company, does one ever come off as pessimistic and self-pitying? Negative emotions can dampen the mood of a promising date night.

Instead of concentrating on bettering the connection, you’ll be forced to undertake dimming the negativity within the air. Regardless of how emotionally mature the person is, he’s getting to get quickly turned off.

You can change things by being better off and outgoing. We aren’t saying that you simply should be in uncontrollable elation. That, too, can spoil your chances of getting a healthy relationship.

Instead, learn to exude a particular sense of confidence in everything you are doing. Regardless of how gloomy a situation is, search for the great in it and dwell more thereon. Positivity is contagious. If anything, men love being around women who are always positive. You simply got to skills to stay a person smiling to form him hooked in to you.



You cannot argue with the facts. Playing hard to urge may be a proven strategy to stay a person curious about you. By nature, men are hunters. They relish the experience of going after the prey. So don’t give yourself to him too quickly.

Make him work for your love. Playing hard to urge can make a person hooked in to you. So, how does one do it? Firstly, you ought to avoid being “too available” to him. When he calls you to satisfy him, you ought to not be very easy to go away what you’re doing.

Establish standards you can’t break when getting to be along-side him. He might call you for a dinner date, but you’ve got a busy schedule. Ask him to reschedule for an additional day. While it isn’t an equivalent as saying no, it isn’t an outright “yes,” either.

The point is to urge him to figure hard to urge you. Also, avoid being the one asking him out. it’s an error to stay texting, phoning, or messaging him. To offer the person a way of control, let him be the one chasing you.


Everyone is vulnerable, including you. If you would like a person to be hooked in to you, show him your emotional side. Allow yourself to be exposed before him.

Exposing your vulnerability will make him trust you more. While at it, don’t allow your ego to face within the way. Ask him about how you are feeling. Bolting up can only cause an emotional strain which will cause stress. A person must know you believe him for emotional support.

After all, he’s there to offer you a shoulder on which you’ll lean. To him, it’s an excellent honor that you simply could plan to show him your vulnerable side. Whilst you open up to him, don’t forget to inform him what proportion you’re keen on him.

Learn to understand him for the type of support he gives to you. That way, you’ll assure him that his efforts really matter.



You have just met a man, and you’re keen on him entirely. For a few reason, you would like to be always along-side him. Albeit that was possible, it’s not healthy in the least. If you spend every waking hour in his company, you’ll kill the romance even before it blossoms.

There is nothing good in becoming too conversant in one another. Also, being too comfortable in his presence will make the connection boring quicker than you’ll think.

Our advice is that you simply give the guy some space if you would like him to be hooked in to you. Take an opportunity from the connection. It doesn’t mean total withdrawal. Instead, reduce the amount of times you text him during a day.

Stop calling him for a gathering when he’s off duty. Get a life! Plan to go hiking together with your girlfriends. Pursue your hobbies and other interests. Give him space to stay pursuing you. Allow him to miss you. Let him be the primary one to send a message or to call you. Once you eventually meet, you’ll have tons to speak about.


In the world, your man has such a lot to affect. He’s always worried about his family, friends, work, and faculty. Why don’t you be the one to form it possible for him to supply him with some fun?

He has spent the day at the office handling slow suppliers and complaining customers. When he involves you within the evening, confirm you’ll put him into a positive mood.

Make some time together worthwhile by joking and laughing at the slightest excuse. If you retain the flame of laughter going, the person will easily get hooked in to you.

Perhaps you’ll set the mood by watching a well-liked comedy. Or, attend a stand-up comedy show. It gets even better if you’ll alternate to inform funny stories.

Find how to sustain the laughter whenever you meet. The person won’t only become hooked in to you, but he also will try everything to form you cheerful. Also, you’ll be ready to stick together.



If you would like to understand the way to make a person hooked in to you, then you ought to be able to open up. Relationships become better when two people know they will keep each other’s deepest secrets. It creates a robust bond and strengthens your relationships.

So, share with him a secret. If it’s a profound secret, hold on until you’re sure you’ll trust him. Within the beginning, share general information until you’re comfortable enough to share embarrassing moments from the past.

The more the secrets you share, the stronger the trust between the two of you goes to be. You’ll even be ready to establish a solid foundation for your relationship.

As you retain exposing yourself to him, the person will become more hooked in to you.


It is not enough to open up to a person. Realize that trust is two-way traffic. As you open up to him, the person should also open up. However, he might not do this unless you encourage him. You don’t need to pressure him to reveal his darkest and deepest secrets.

Instead, start slowly by allowing him to share information as and when he wants to. Create an environment where you’ll sit down with him to speak. Allow him to relax.

Once that’s done, he’s definitely getting to tell you more about his past. He will haven’t any problem sharing his secrets because he has absolute trust in you. Opening up may be a sign that his attachment to you is growing by the day.

As he reveals his history, resist the urge to judge him. Don’t be surprised if the person becomes infinitely hooked in to you.



Even though it’s not advised, people in relationships attempt to change one another all the time. Big mistake! What would you are doing if a person tries to vary how you dress?

You are likely to resist his efforts regardless of how noble his intentions could be. An equivalent is true if a person tried to dissuade you from seeing your friends. Or, to prevent your career and become a housewife.

So, why do you have to attempt to change him? If you are doing not like some aspects of his behavior, tell him. Perhaps it’s the way he leaves you to try to to all the household chores alone. You’re expected to invite help.

However, trying to change his personality, how he dresses, or his eating style may be a no-no. You’ve got to options – either accept him for who he’s or leave him. If you select to simply accept him, the person goes to urge more hooked in to you and not even realize why.


Do you want to understand the way to make a person hooked in to you? Well, hear him. Not many ladies can do this. They might rather talk while the guy listens than the opposite way.

So, work on becoming an honest listener. He must know that he can tell you all of his issues without fear about you judging him. The person should trust you adequate to succeed in bent you when he has a problem pressing him down. We aren’t talking about hearing what he says.

Learn what it takes to be a lively listener. When he wants your opinion on a problem, skills to reply. Don’t just sit there. Ask him some follow up questions, so he knows for care about the problems in his life.

The better your listening skills become, the more the person are going to be hooked in to you.



Now that you simply are into a relationship avoid letting things become boring and sour. If you do, you would possibly become a part of the statistics that end prematurely thanks to reduced excitement. Probably, the person isn’t trying much.

However, that doesn’t mean that you simply neglect to play your part in strengthening the connection. If it depends on you to form it work, do something about it. We aren’t suggesting that you simply take him to hitch a road race to boost things.

No matter how small it’s, confirm you surprise him from time to time. It might be exposure at his house with packed dinner on a random night. Or asking him bent the beach on the weekend. Don’t allow him to second guess you.

Allow him to be hooked in to you by maintaining a way of mystery. This may get him hooked in to you forever.


One of the simplest ways to urge a man hooked in to you is to become a well-rounded person. After all, life isn’t all about going out on dates.

Work on things like staying updated with the news, learning a replacement hobby, reading books, and so on. That way, you’ll be ready to share things that bring you intellectually closer to your man. If you’ve got something to bring back the table, the guy is probably going getting to be hooked in to you.

Guys find intellectually developed women easy to relate to. He will know that you simply aren’t just defined about your beauty but that you have ideas too. Also, you’ll have tons to speak about while together.

Never again will you’ve got dull or boring conversations. Whenever he wants to speak to someone about what’s happening within the world, you’ll be the primary port of call.



While going about his life’s issues, your man must know you’re his biggest fan. Offer your support to him in everything he does. The person will appreciate it and become confident enough to face any life’s situation.

To him, nothing are going to be difficult, goodbye as he knows you’re behind him. But how does one become his favorite fan? Well, show him respect and appreciation for everything (big or small) he does.

If he takes the trash out of the kitchen, compliment him. When he brings you a bouquet of flowers, give him a fanatical kiss. Every small step he makes should be an excuse for you to praise him. Once he becomes wont to you cheering him, the person goes to be hooked in to you.



Most likely, the hobbies you pursue are totally different from his. That doesn’t need to continue. Your man is probably going to be hooked in to you if you’ve got common hobbies.

You don’t need to become involved in everything he does. Instead, you ought to make sure you maintain a singular sense of identity and even pursue some hobbies on your own.

However, attempt to sit next to him during a football. Albeit you are doing not stay the whole length of the sport, the person will know you’re curious about what he does.

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